Belle - Gales of Song Lyrics & Meaning In English


 Belle - Gales of Song Lyrics & Meaning In English

Belle - Gales of Song Lyrics & Meaning In English

Gales of Song Lyrics by Belle

Belle is a 2021 Japanese animated science fantasy film written and directed by Mamoru Hosoda and produced by Studio Chizu. This beautiful song is from that movie, based on and inspired by the 1756 French fairy tale Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont.

Gales of Song Lyrics In English

LA LA uta yo michibiite!
Konna chiisana merodi ga
Tsuranuiteku sekai ga mitai no

Maiasa okite sagashiteru
Anata no inai mirai wa
Souzou shitaku wa nai iya na no

Demo mou inai seikai ga wakannai
Watashi igai umaku itteru mitai
Soredemo ashita wa kuru no deshou… uta yo michibiite!

Iya ni naru, minna shiawase na no?
Aishiteiru hito ga iru no?
Kou shite hitori de iru to fuan ni naru
Uta yo michibiite!
Donna koto ga okitemo ii!!

Uta yo soba ni ite
Ai yo chikazuite

Gales of Song Lyrics Meaning In English

LA LA Gales of song, guide me through the storm
On the wings of a small, simple melody
Words take flight and soar, they carry me
A world we’ll see

Looking for a farewell, I pull the threads
A life without you I cannot accept
I can’t tell that lie, I can’t let go

But now that you’re gone, I have to move on
Seems like everyone, just smile staring at the sun
But what about me? Tell me how I will know where I should go?
Oh gales, you sing and guide me!

I walk alone. There’s more to life I have to know
It’s just me, lost so far away from home, alone I
Shut myself in. Still the wind howl, they call
And their voices lead me, gales of song, guide me through the storm
Let the melody lift me high, I’ll be me

Gales of song, please stay by my side
Winds of love, breathe into my life

Gales of Song Lyrics 

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